The fuel injection system was put into place in modern vehicles to better our car’s fuel efficiency and lessen our vehicle’s harmful emissions. The job of the GDI is to inject fuel into the combustion chamber in the engine at a high pressure, supplying fuel to the engine. Due to the design of some GDI engines, carbon buildup is a common problem that can occur within the engine due to the high pressure, which can damage the piston and cause engine performance problems.

At Quality Auto Electric and Repair in Des Moines, we offer a GDI cleaning service which will thoroughly clean out carbon build-up and help prevent fuel injector replacement and other damage caused by this build-up. If you notice that your vehicle is running or idling rough, your car may be due for a fuel injection cleaning.

At our Des Moines auto repair shop, we are equipped with the proper equipment needed to eliminate any carbon build-up in the fuel system and restore your vehicle back to top working condition. A GDI service will not only restore power and efficiency, but will also ensure proper emissions and allow your engine to run more smoothly.

We are a family owned and operated modern facility. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, and our ultimate goal is to keep your car dependable on the road. We offer a loyalty rewards program for our customers, along with an excellent warranty and nationwide roadside assistance program just for trusting our shop with your vehicle.

If your vehicle is due for a gasoline direct injection service, give us a call today here at Quality Auto Electric and Repair to make an appointment with one of our friendly staff members.

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